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Name: TR/Agent.52000.trojan (Free Scan)
Category: Trojan
Infected OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Risk Level: Severe  
Similar Threats: Packed.Win32.Klone.b (Scan & Remove)
Packed.Win32.Klone.j (Scan & Remove)

TR/Agent.52000.trojan is usually a standalone program that drops different type of standalone Malware (Trojan, Worms and Backdoor) to Windows system. TR/Agent.52000.trojan is an executable file that contains other files compressed inside its body.

Warning: Usually TR/Agent.52000.trojan is created by special programs called "joiners". These programs allow to customize functionalities and to add as many files as needed into the package. Sometimes, TR/Agent.52000.trojan components directly to memory and activate them there. In this case, it is highly advised you to use Best Spyware Scanner to detect the dropped Malware. Thus, the TR/Agent.52000.trojan will be gone.

Remove the TR/Agent.52000.trojan by manual

1. Remove the registry entries hidden by TR/Agent.52000.trojan.
Once you find some programs on your PC run abnormally, you should immediately check the following entries in the Registry, and directly delete the spyware-related registry entries.

2. It is probably a way to load the "TR/Agent.52000.trojan" malicious program, by hiding within the system WIN.INI file and the strings "run=" and "load=", so this must be carefully checked.

3. Clean up IE Temporary file folder where the original carrier of PC threats is possibly stored. Meanwhile, the malicious files generated by TR/Agent.52000.trojan are possibly located in the following Location:
C:\Program Files\

Very often online advertisement companies use TR/Agent.52000.trojan to silently drop their Adware/Spyware components or downloaders to the users computer. However, it is not guaranteed to remove TR/Agent.52000.trojan completely. Therefore, it is sincerely recommended you to scan an affected computer with Best Spyware Scanner with antispyware capabilities. All malicious file such as TR/Agent.52000.trojan can be removed in minutes.

How to Remove TR/Agent.52000.trojan Automatically?

In case that any stubborn threat could not be removed immediately by the method above, please feel free to contact us for a thorough solution. Just use the Analysis function of Best Spyware Scanner to send us an Analysis Report. Our technical experts of Best Spyware Scanner will promptly analyze it and give you a proper solution for your specific spyware problem.

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