1. Main Introduction
2. Scan and Clean Spyware
3. Real-time Guard
4. System Analysis
5. Submit Files
6. Facilitation Tools
7. Repair & Clean
8. Custom Settings
9. Update
10. Register Best Spyware Scanner

1. Main Introduction

Best Spyware Scanner™ is an award-winning Windows antispyware program that can be used to effectively protect your PC against various spyware attacks that can generate unwanted pop-ups, slow down PC performance, or steal your privacy without you knowing it!

2. Scan and Clean Spyware

Best Spyware Scanner™ , applying the advanced Online Scan engine integrated with the traditional local scan engine, makes the spyware detection most effectively and thoroughly. Along with the powerful spyware removal technology, Best Spyware Scanner™ can be the best antispyware program to secure your computer.

1) Open Best Spyware Scanner™.
2) Click the Scan tab.
Click the Online Scan section to start an online scan on your computer.
Alternatively, click the Full Scan section and select the scanning options to start a full scan on your computer.
Best Spyware Scanner™ will begin scanning your computer for any spyware threats that have sneaked into your system.
3) Once the scanning is complete, Best Spyware Scanner™ will display a list of detected results classified by various threat levels.
4) Click the Remove button to completely remove all the detected spyware threats.
3. Real-Time Guard

Best Spyware Scanner™ offers the real-time guard protection to inform you whenever any program attempts to modify the PC registry and other system settings, thus, to prevent malicious changes by spyware and to effectively shield your Internet privacy and system integrity.

1) Click the Guard tab.
2) Click the Shield section; select the shield items you want to protect and click the Apply button.
3) Click OK to turn on the Shield function to guard your PC at real time.
Note: If you want to cancel the Shield function, please unselect the Shield items and click the Apply button to proceed.
4. System Analysis

By diagnosing PC system process, Windows registry, system drivers and HOST files, Best Spyware Scanner™ can generate a text file that shows all the related Windows system information. You can have a custom fix for your specific spyware problems by forwarding the generated text file to the Best Spyware Scanner support team who will engineer the solutions against the spyware upon receiving the file. It is a bonus service free of charge during your subscription period.

1) Click the Analysis tab.
2) Click the Analysis section; click the Save button on the bottom right of the screen.
3) Select the location where you want to save the generated text file AnalysisReport.txt.
You can always find the text in the location where you chose to save it before, when you want to view it or send it to the support team.
5. Submit Files

Best Spyware Scanner™ allows users to submit threats samples, system analysis report and other stubborn spyware problems that can not be solved by Best Spyware Scanner to the Best Spyware Scanner support team.

1) Click the Submit section on the Analysis tab.
2) Click the Add button to select the file you want to submit and fill in the required information; then you can have your file submitted by simply clicking the Submit button.
3) If a specified script file is needed and provided to solve your submitted problem, you can use the Custom Fix function to execute the file under instructions from the Best Spyware Scanner support team.
6. Facilitation Tools

Best Spyware Scanner™ provides additional profound functions to help facilitate your PC management, including Windows vulnerability scan and repair, file deletion, Registry backup and restore, various system manager tools and quarantine folder, etc.

7. Repair & Clean

Best Spyware Scanner™ provides two useful cleanup utilities, including Registry Fix and Traces Cleanup, to allow you to delete all the traces of your PC activities quickly, clean up any corrupted, invalid or harmful registry keys and fix the registry errors immediately. Your computer will run much faster with its best performance again.

8. Custom Settings

There are four types of settings that you can apply to make the program meet your need at your most convenience, including General settings, Scan Settings, Ignore List and Scheduling Task.

The followings are some of the commonly used settings:
1) On the General tab, you can choose to allow or not allow the program to run at Windows startup.
2) If there is any item detected after a scan, you can right click the detected item and add it to the Ignore list, so that Best Spyware Scanner™ does not remove the item and will ignore it on the next scan.
3) You can make a schedule so that Best Spyware Scanner™ will automatically scan your system at the predefined time.
9. Update

Best Spyware Scanner™ by default will check for update if available when the system starts up. You can also update the program manually by clicking the Update button under the Manual Update section. Regular update is recommended.

10. Register Best Spyware Scanner™

The screen below illustrates the status of an un-registered installation of Best Spyware Scanner™.

To register the program, please do as follows:
1) Purchase Best Spyware Scanner™. Click Here.
2) Click the Register tab on the top right of the screen.
3) Enter Serial Number and click the Submit button.
Now, the registration process is finished and you can make good use of the full functions and the bonus services provided by the support team. More info about registering Best Spyware Scanner, please visit the online support section.